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Your opportunity to discover two islands on your journey to the Canary Islands.




What is Discover Stopover?

Turn your stopover into a new destination. Now, with "Discover", Binter’s Stopover, you can discover two islands on the same journey. Stay and enjoy up to seven days in Gran Canaria or Tenerife and double your experiences.

Discover: a single journey, two destinations.

Discover the Canary Islands in depth as you’ve never done before.

Discover Stopover advantages

The main advantage is being able to enjoy two islands on the same journey. Soon, passengers will be able to benefit from exclusive offers in shops, hotels, car rental and restaurants on the Stopover island.


How does it work?

It’s very easy; just follow these steps when making your reservation.

1. Open the Stopover search engine.
2. Choose the origin and destination together with the date on which you want to start your journey.
3. Choose whether you want to make the stopover on the outward or return journey and choose the return date.
4. Choose where you want to make your stopover and for how many days. Remember that you can only stay for up to seven days.
5. Choose the schedule that best suits you from the search and purchase results.


Frequently-asked questions

What is the stopover?

It consists of the possibility to make a stopover of more than 24 hours (which can be several days) on an island other than that of your final destination.

What are the advantages of a stopover with Binter?

The main advantage is being able to enjoy two islands on the same trip for a small extra charge. Since stopover island is a hub for the airline, these are very attractive destinations to visit. Passengers will also soon be able to take advantage of exclusive offers in shops, hotels, car rental and restaurants on the stopover island.

Can I make a stopover from the Canary Islands?

It can be enjoyed from all Binter's external routes (international and mainland Spain/Balearic Islands) to the Canary Islands.

How can I reserve a stopover?

On the Binter Web site by clicking here, in travel agencies and in our call centre (922) or (928) 327 700 (from Monday to Sunday, 6:00 to 22:00).
For calls from outside Spain or in other languages, the time is 9:00 to 17:00.
France: [+33] 0185 852 683
Italy: [+39] 0654 242 546
Portugal: [+351] 291 290 129

Is it possible to enjoy stopover if I fly to the Canary Islands with an airline other than Binter?

No. Stopover can only be enjoyed on flights on Binter's own network.

How many stopovers can I make during my journey?

You can enjoy only one stopover per ticket. It is possible to do it on the outward or return journey.

Can I make changes to the stops or the length of the journey once the journey has started?

No. Changes can only be made to stopovers or length of stay before the start of the flight.

How many days can I stopover?

Up to seven days.

How much does the stopover cost?

It depends on the route you are taking. For Binter routes from France, Italy, Azores, mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands, the price is €40. For Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania, Mauritania, Cape Verde, Gambia, Madeira and Porto Santo, the price is €10.

Do stopover fares from mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands have a residence bonus?

Due to legal restrictions, these fares do not include a resident bonus.

Is it possible to stopover with a single ticket only?

Yes, it is possible as long as the flight originates from outside Spain. If the flight originates in Spain, it is only possible with a return ticket.



Why fly with Binter?

At Binter we want you to start and end your journeys with a big smile on your face. That's why we offer you a special and personalised service included in any fare which, among other things, contains the following advantages.
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More than 33 years connecting destinations

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At Binter we have been connecting destinations for more than 33 years with a service focused on customer needs, which is why we have been distinguished as the most loved Spanish airline by TripAdvisor users.

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Every year more than 4,000,000 people rely on us to reach their destinations in Spain, Morocco, Italy, France, Portugal, Cape Verde, Senegal, Mauritania and Gambia.

At the end of 2019 Binter became the first European airline to operate and fly with the Embraer E195-E2, a latest-generation jet with a capacity for 132 passengers, ensuring greater comfort and more space between seats. Its engines reduce regulated CO2 emissions as well as fuel consumption and noise footprint by 75%.



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